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Allergy Testing in San Diego, CA

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San Diego Allergy Testing

At our office in San Diego Allergy Testing can be the first step to properly diagnosing and then effectively treating allergy issues. Whether you're dealing with severe anaphylaxis episodes, skin irritations, or seasonal congestion, allergies can interfere with daily life. Pinpointing allergies and then receiving tailored treatment can be the key to a safer and more comfortable quality of life.

Allergy Testing at Modena Allergy + Asthma

At Modena Allergy + Asthma, Dr. Brian Modena is dedicated to solving allergy and asthma issues with skill and precision. Dr. Modena is a highly respected San Diego allergist with years of experience, ongoing research, and the primary goal of improving the quality of life for his patients.

Why is Allergy Testing important?

Allergy Testing allows us to pinpoint specific, underlying issues that may be causing symptoms. Knowing what your allergies are makes it possible to create a treatment and management plan that might include allergy medications, shots, or food desensitization.

What types of Allergy Tests are available?

Allergies can be a reaction to something internal or external, and the reaction might be acute and temporary, or it may involve a chronic condition. Symptoms and health history typically determine which allergy tests are used first.


Typically with asthma, if allergies are a suspected trigger, we may conduct an allergy blood test, a skin prick test, or a microbiome test. These tests can help narrow down possible asthma triggers and prevent asthma attacks.

Chronic Sinusitis

This condition is often caused by environmental allergies. An allergy skin test, CT imaging, and nasal endoscopy can confirm your symptoms are sinusitis and determine the possible cause so that allergens can be avoided.

Drug Allergies

Drug skin testing or drug challenge tests are often used to provide quick and accurate results for drug allergies or sensitivities.


Eczema flare-ups can be aggravated by allergies, so being able to determine and avoid allergens can help keep skin clear. This is typically done through specialty blood testing or contact allergy patch testing.

Environmental Allergies

Blood or skin Allergy Testing are most commonly used for environmental allergies. While environmental allergies can be challenging at times to precisely diagnose, a skilled allergist can focus on incorporating strategies that will do the most with the information available.

Food Allergies

Blood or skin allergy testing can both be used for food allergies, often with an elimination diet for confirmation. Determining food allergies can be crucial, especially for pediatric patients.

Immune Disorders

Immune disorders and allergies often occur together, so testing can provide important treatment guidelines. Specialty and genetic allergy testing can be used to build a clear picture of total health.

Inflammatory Diseases

Allergies and inflammation are often connected and can be part of systemic problems. Specialty blood and genetic testing are used to diagnose and relieve inflammation symptoms.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

MCAS is a type of allergic reaction that can be frequent and alarming, so determining triggers via blood testing is crucial for health and quality of life.

When should I test for Allergies?

Allergy testing is simple, minimally invasive, and generally very effective, so if you or your primary doctor believe you may be suffering from allergic reactions, it's likely time to get tested.

Allergy Testing Results

Result timing depends on the testing method and might be 15 to 20 minutes for a skin test or up to a couple of weeks with a blood test. The next steps might include medications, allergy shots, food desensitization, or other treatment methods.

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Why choose Modena Allergy + Asthma?

Featured in Men's Journal, La Jolla Light, and on ABC 10, board-certified allergist Dr. Brian Modena is incredibly passionate about his craft, in part because he and some of his close family members suffer from severe asthma. This, paired with his desire to help patients experience improved health, inspire him to research and continue to learn as much as possible about asthma, allergies, and immune issues.

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Allergy Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

The most invasive possible part of allergy testing would be a blood test which just involves a small needle poke. With skin Allergy Testing San Diego patients only require a small skin prick, but most patients consider it a very mild discomfort.

This depends on what type of allergies are suspected and what the patient's symptoms are. Testing may be performed via blood test, skin scratch or other topical tests, CT sinus scans, nasal endoscopy, or any combination of these.

Most allergy tests are generally very accurate. It is important to work with a skilled and experienced allergist in order to receive the proper interpretation of results and to create a treatment plan.

The cost of allergy testing varies depending on the testing methods and how many different types of tests are needed.

Yes, in most cases, Allergy Testing is covered by health insurance. It's important to check with your provider to confirm what exactly is included, and we are happy to assist with this process.

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