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Chronic Sinusitis in San Diego, CA

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From crippling fatigue to constant drainage, congestion, and headaches, chronic sinusitis has an enormous impact on a person’s life. Did you know that people with chronic sinusitis report a lower quality of life than those with major heart failure? If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic sinusitis, you’ve likely tried almost everything to get rid of your symptoms. Dr. Modena works closely with patients to find alternative and innovative therapies for chronic nasal and sinus disease.

Recently, several monoclonal antibodies have been approved for the treatment of sinusitis, with more to follow. In addition to the FDA-approved therapies, Dr. Modena at Modena Allergy + Asthma is involved in several clinical trials using novel treatments. These therapies treat the underlying cause of inflammation rather than quick solutions that don’t last. If you want to eliminate symptoms of your chronic sinusitis San Diego allergist Dr. Brian Modena will be expecting your call!

What is chronic sinusitis?

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Chronic sinusitis, also known as chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), is defined by symptoms of nasal congestion, facial pain, headache, and postnasal drip experienced or persisting for at least three months. These symptoms are caused by ongoing inflammation in the sinuses (the hollow cavities in the head) and nasal passage. The impact of CRS is great. The third most common symptom reported with chronic sinusitis is fatigue, which can be misdiagnosed as depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. CRS can also cause sleep disturbances, worsening fatigue. It can cause changes in voice quality and can severely impact a person’s confidence and feeling of self-worth. Chronic sinusitis can also cause breathing problems and even lead to the development of asthma. In fact, patients that develop asthma as an adult often start with chronic sinusitis. This is because the airway is all connected. Inflammation in the upper airway and nose (i.e., sinusitis) can drive and worsen inflammation in the lungs (i.e., asthma). As it turns out, asthma symptoms, chronic cough, and other breathing often improve or resolve with treatment of the sinuses.

What are the chronic sinusitis treatments?

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For the treatment of chronic sinusitis, Dr. Brian Modena takes a personalized approach while considering many factors. Chronic sinusitis is very heterogeneous, meaning that there are all different types of it. In other words, one person may have sinusitis caused by different reasons than another person. In fact, we now think of the term ‘chronic sinusitis’ as a non-specific, umbrella diagnosis. Under this umbrella, there exist many different types or subgroups. Thus, the first step in the treatment of chronic sinusitis is determining your ‘type.’ Meaning what type of inflammation is present. One common type of inflammation is called “Type 2” inflammation. This type of inflammation is what causes allergic reactions and allergic diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, and asthma.

We can identify Type 2 inflammation using complex technology like genetic markers but also using the clinical history, inflammatory breathing tests, and lab work. And what’s important is that now there are now new (monoclonal antibody) therapies that directly target Type 2 inflammation. But this is just the beginning. Every year, more and better therapies are coming to market that target other types of inflammation in the airway. Dr. Modena uses his in-depth understanding of the disease and immunology in combination with lab testing, imaging, and other ‘biomarkers’ to classify and determine your inflammatory ‘type.’ He then uses this classification to make tailored recommendations based on your preferences and goals of care. Dr. Modena treats all age ranges from children to adults for chronic sinusitis in San Diego.

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Am I a good candidate for chronic sinusitis treatment?

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If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, have had repeated nasal surgeries, or have asthma or chronic cough that is perhaps worsened by chronic nasal drainage, you should consider seeing Dr. Modena at Modena Allergy + Asthma. Or, if you have not seen improvement after other medical therapies have been tried or just want relief from your symptoms, come in for a consultation today! Dr. Modena would love to help you start feeling better by giving you back your life.

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Your Chronic Sinusitis Treatment Process

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For San Diego chronic sinusitis patients, Dr. Modena will typically perform or recommend allergy skin testing, lab work, CT imaging, and at times nasal endoscopy. If you have had these procedures performed, we ask that you please grant us access to your prior records to expedite the workup and treatment recommendations. The first visit will largely consist of history gathering and recommending further follow-up testing. At a follow-up visit, you will be presented with your lab results and a clear plan for treatment.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment Results

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We’ll make every effort to ensure that your chronic sinus problems are best managed using a personalized monoclonal antibody therapy selection and other methods. In addition, we perform allergy skin testing, CT imaging, nasal endoscopy, and allergy immunotherapy to ensure your chronic sinusitis treatments will give you the most effective, long-term results.

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Should I See an Allergy & Immunology Specialist?

Chronic sinusitis is prevalent in America, but treatments for it are rapidly changing and improving every year. Our understanding of the disease has changed and improved dramatically in the last 5 or 10 years, and the treatments have advanced and become more complex. Allergy and Immunology specialists, who are experts at understanding and altering the immune system, play pivotal roles in identifying and classifying inflammation in the sinuses and then recommend the most effective and targeted therapies. We often work closely with our ENT colleagues in determining the best treatment options for you. Dr. Brian Modena has committed his life’s work to ensure your relief from allergies and asthma. Schedule your consultation in San Diego today!

Chronic Sinusitis

Frequently Asked Questions

If chronic sinusitis is left untreated for an extended period of time, the infection can spread to crucial organs such as the bones, spinal fluid, and the brain. Meningitis and brain abscesses are life-threatening conditions that necessitate immediate emergency surgery.

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