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Allergy and Asthma Care in Torrance, CA

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Modena Allergy + Asthma

If you or a loved one struggle with food allergies, environmental allergies, sinus infections, nasal polyps, skin allergies, eczema, chronic hives, asthma, mast cell disorders, or immune deficiency, you understand that these conditions can be serious and strongly impact your quality of life. Each of these conditions, from the perpetual worry and stress caused by food allergies to the fatigue and feelings of unwellness from nasal allergies and sinus disease, the pernicious nighttime itching caused by hives or eczema or mast cell disorders, and the fright of wheezing and chest tightness due to asthma, all can affect your happiness and health. Expert treatment and relief are available at Modena Allergy + Asthma in Torrance, CA.

The Modena Allergy + Asthma team comprises a group of highly qualified and experienced providers and nurses dedicated to providing patients with the most innovative, safe, and scientifically-backed treatments for these allergic conditions. Led by Dr. Brian Modena, one of the country’s premier allergists, the entire team at Modena Allergy + Asthma shares a vision of excellence in medical care, namely, compassionate and accurate diagnosis followed by responsive and impactful action to fight disease and improve health so you can flourish. If you suffer from one of these allergic conditions and would like to not just survive but thrive in everyday life, we would like to help you.

The Food Allergy Center at Modena Allergy + Asthma

Achieve Freedom From Worry and Anxiety

Approximately 8 percent of U.S. children have a food allergy, affecting both health and quality of life. Food allergies pose the risk of severe reactions that may include anaphylaxis and even death. Over the past decade, food allergy treatment has changed dramatically. In the past, allergists typically advised strict avoidance of the allergy-causing food and early rescue medication availability (i.e., epinephrine) to treat accidental ingestions.

However, after the groundbreaking LEAP trial and many others that followed, there is now increasing evidence that slow but increasing exposure of the allergenic food, termed food oral immunotherapy (OIT), can reduce sensitivity (i.e., desensitize) and achieve long-term health benefits. Current options that show promise and strong evidence include transcutaneous patches and two forms of food immunotherapy: oral immunotherapy (OIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). We offer both at Modena Allergy + Asthma.

The term “desensitization” is defined as a state of “clinical non-reactivity.” In other words, it involves inducing the body to not react to a food that it reacted to in the past. Desensitization is achieved through a “build up” phase, followed by a “maintenance” phase. The term “sustained unresponsiveness” (SU) is used if there is no reaction following a discontinuation of immunotherapy for a period of time, typically for weeks to months.

Our goal at Modena Allergy + Asthma is to induce a tolerance to the allergenic food so that it prevents or lessens the risk of severe allergic reactions if someone accidentally ingests it (termed “bite protection”). By doing OIT, some people will go on to develop sustained unresponsiveness (SU). While SU is the ultimate success of OIT, SU can also happen naturally, or on its own. Further, because allergy testing can sometimes be wrong, an in-office food challenge may be recommended prior to OIT. So, a consultation and thorough evaluation with a trained provider are needed to determine if OIT is necessary and recommended at all.

We created the Modena Allergy + Asthma Bite Protection Program (BiPP) to provide transparent and evidence-based consultation and OIT to patients and families looking for help dealing with the worry and concern over food allergies. We model our treatment program after the clinical trials that offered the most promising and safest results. By introducing tiny doses of an allergen, such as peanuts or egg, in a controlled and safe way, and then very gradually increasing the dose, some patients can actually achieve virtually complete tolerance with no adverse reaction. It can reduce worry, broaden diets, and improve health.

While not every child is a good candidate for OIT, we do welcome complex cases, such as those with asthma or, eosinophilic esophagitis or FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome). We are committed to addressing all cases and ensuring that every patient has the opportunity for an experience that can change their lives.

Through BiPP, we are dedicated to providing a personalized approach to immunotherapy, custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. The first step towards this transformative journey begins with scheduling a consultation to learn more about our innovative program.

Contact us today at (310) 833-1334 to schedule your free consultation and discover how BiPP can make a difference in your life.

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Torrance Asthma Management

While there is no cure for asthma, emerging research and technologies have produced new and innovative ways to treat and manage the condition effectively. Torrance Allergist, Dr. Brian Modena, has personally been involved in much of this research and is enthusiastic about using cutting-edge asthma treatments to help his patients breathe better and have a better quality of life. Chest tightness, coughing fits, shortness of breath, and wheezing may all be signs of asthma. If you or a family member has any of these symptoms, it's important to see a specialist for a proper and comprehensive diagnosis.


Torrance Inhalant Allergy Treatment

With inhalant or environmental allergies, the body's immune system tends to overreact to airborne allergens, triggering an immune response upon exposure. However, research has shown that controlled exposures to the same allergen beneath the skin can lead to a significant improvement in allergy symptoms with much less medication use. When performing inhalant allergy desensitization, Dr. Modena employs a technique that involves the administration of micro-doses of the specific allergen responsible for your symptoms directly under the skin over time.

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This approach allows the body to gradually build resistance to the allergen, ultimately leading to a reduction in the immune system's response when exposed to the allergen in the air. The positive effects of this treatment typically become noticeable within two to three months of starting treatment, offering individuals relief from their allergy symptoms, improving fatigue, congestion, drainage, sneezing and itching and reducing the dependency on medications.


Allergies Demystified

Sneezing, red and itchy eyes, runny nose? You think it could be something in the air, but what? Your dog, the neighbor's cat, or your lawn? Getting a skin prick test, also known as a scratch or skin prick test, can help to determine exactly what's causing your allergy symptoms before determining a path towards treatment. Learning more about your allergens should also be the first step. Avoidance of your allergen(s) can lead to fewer, less severe symptoms and a better daily quality of life without medication.

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For environmental allergy diagnosis and identification of the culprit allergen, you should have a full panel of testing that includes all the tree, grass, and weed pollens that are unique to your geographical area. This type of testing and expert interpretation is typically only available by skin testing with our Torrance Allergist.


Skin Inflammation Treatment In Torrance

Patch testing is a specialized diagnostic method aimed at identifying allergies that lead to allergic contact dermatitis or skin inflammation. This condition can be triggered by a variety of substances, such as the scents and preservatives in many of the lotions, shampoos, fragrances, cosmetics, sunscreens, and other products.

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You may be using these products as part of your daily routine, or even to treat the rash, and unknowingly making the problem worse. In fact, many of the “all-natural” skin care products may contain the same preservatives that cause allergic reactions. Further, the plant products in these all-natural branded products are notorious for causing allergic contact dermatitis. Poison ivy is all-natural but notoriously causes allergic contact dermatitis by oily resin called urushiol. As an example, beeswax is in many all-natural products and chapstick, but the resin-like material made from bees from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees, called propolis, is a very common cause of allergic contact allergy, particularly around the mouth.

These substances, whether derived from the lab or in nature, may cause an allergic reaction upon contact with the skin. Providers at Modena Allergy + Asthma utilize the North American Contact Dermatitis patch test series as a valuable tool that can pinpoint the specific allergens that have the most significant impact on your skin. By identifying these allergens, you can take proactive measures to avoid them, and in the event of contact, you can develop a plan to minimize symptoms. Your skin deserves the best care possible, and we're here to help you achieve that.


Torrance Immune Deficiency Solutions

Immunity has become an industry with terms like "immune-boosting" on many supplements and food and beverages that are marketed as "great for your immunity" on shelves everywhere. In medical terms, “immune deficiency” means a deficit or problem with the immune system that leads to or causes repeated and severe infections from common pathogens, but also opportunistic infections, like molds or other intracellular organisms that typically don’t bother other people. Thus, immune deficiencies cause issues through repeated and severe infections.

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Currently, there are more than 270 primary immune deficiencies that have been identified through genetic testing. Patients with immune deficiency tend to be sick more often or more severely, and also tend to suffer from autoimmune disease. Allergy Immunologists are the specialists that are the experts in diagnosing and treating immune disorders.


Is It Time To Visit An Allergist About Your Concerns?

Don't Wait Another Day To Find Relief

If you or a family member is grappling to understand and suffering from food allergies, environmental allergies, sinus infections, nasal polyps, skin allergies, eczema, chronic hives, asthma, mast cell disorders, or immune deficiency, you understand that these conditions can be serious and strongly impact your quality of life. By consulting with an Allergist Torrance patients can spare themselves years of misdiagnosis and suffering.

For example, instead of hastily parting with a beloved pet, renovating your home, or even contemplating a move due to allergy concerns, come get allergy testing to determine what’s the true cause of your symptoms. Many allergies can be effectively managed by avoiding their triggers, and if not, an allergist can guide you through the plethora of available treatment options. Sometimes, the problem of severe nasal congestion is not nasal allergies but, in fact, nasal polyps. There are now monoclonal antibody therapies that effectively treat nasal polyps without repeated surgeries.

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Rather than enduring months of itchy rashes treated with topical steroids or steroid pills with bad side effects, or resorting to at-home food sensitivity tests and eliminating foods you enjoy, make an appointment with our Allergist in Torrance.

Rather than enduring weight gain, sleep disturbance and depression from repeated prednisone courses to treat your asthma, come find out about new and highly effective monoclonal antibody therapies that are now available.

Rather than avoiding eating out or birthday parties, take control of your child’s food allergy by diagnostic testing, office food challenges, and, if indicated, oral immunotherapy (OIT). Don't wait until you or a loved one faces a severe, life-threatening reaction - become educated and take control of the situation. Consult an allergist to establish a more precise food allergy diagnosis and understand effective methods for food allergy avoidance, emergency treatment, or tolerance therapy.

If you're dealing with persistent and recurrent sinus infections, talk with an allergist in order to explore innovative non-surgical treatment options before the cycle continues.

If you're experiencing recurring or severe infections, an allergist can also assess whether there's an underlying issue with your immune system.

In all of these scenarios and more, it's crucial to understand that the ideal time to consult an allergist is sooner rather than later. Don't endure unnecessary costs and suffering—schedule a consultation with the team at Modena Allergy + Asthma, one of the nation's leading specialists in allergy and asthma, right here in Torrance.

Before spending any money on at-home food sensitivity tests, or before drastically eliminating the foods you love, come see an allergist to better understand how best to interpret these results, and how and when you should make dietary changes. Also, come to an allergist to help re-introduce foods back into your diet after avoiding them.

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For Your Comfort Inside And Out

Visit Modena Allergy + Asthma's Torrance Testing Center

We understand that if you're taking the time to see a specialist, you've most likely experienced some stress and spent some time combating the allergy or asthma-related issue you or your family member is dealing with. That's why, as soon as you walk into our office, we hope you breathe a sigh of relief. With a large children's area, an allergy-sensitive coffee bar, and a warm, open atmosphere, our goal is to be a haven for both individuals and families seeking relief.

Dr. Modena and the team of providers and nurses have built their medical philosophy with the knowledge that while asthma and allergies are often childhood diseases, they are dedicated to helping patients of all ages deal with these problems. Thanks to totally customized treatment plans, we can help patients through the testing process and guide them to solutions for managing allergies and asthma that will be conducive to any lifestyle, age group, or level of support needed.

A Family Affair

Pediatric & Adult Allergy Testing in Torrance

Empathy And Excellence

Brian Modena M.D., M.SC., Torrance Allergist

Dr. Modena is a board-certified Torrance Allergist specializing in Internal Medicine with Specialty training in Allergy and Immunology. He has earned a reputation as one of the nation's foremost researchers and educators in the fields of allergies, asthma, and mast cell disorders. His deep commitment to the field is rooted and driven by his own personal experiences with allergies and asthma as a child, where he first faced and personally dealt with severe asthma, eczema, food allergies, and eosinophilic esophagitis. These experiences enable him to personally relate, better understand, and better treat his patients. He is also a leading authority in genomic, microbiomic, and severe asthma prediction using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. He regularly implements pioneering allergy treatments and integrates cutting-edge technology into patient clinical care.

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You don’t have to let allergies, asthma or immune system issues dictate your life. With a specialist like Dr. Brian Modena by your side, you can get back to living your best life.

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