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“Our daughter has been a patient of the Modena practice for the past year or so and we are incredibly grateful that we found such a wonderful group to help us with her food allergies. When she was 9 months old, we found out that she had an egg allergy and that led us to additional testing which uncovered that she had a cashew/pistachio allergy. We were terrified when we heard this news as we never wanted our daughter to experience any type of severe reaction nor did we want her or us to have to live in fear of these allergies for years to come. Dr. Modena and his team spent a great deal of time providing education on her allergies as well as education on a desensitization program that we could employ, if we chose to do so. After much consideration we decided that was the right path for our family.

We are absolutely thrilled with the progress she has made and the results we’ve achieved under their care. Her blood work numbers have dropped significantly, and we are only a few weeks away from completing her desensitization program for her cashew allergy. We will continue to monitor her allergies with Dr. Modena’s team as time goes by, and we are so happy to have someone by our side. We are building up to the point where she will be receiving a monitored dose of a couple of cashews several times a week and that is an absolutely amazing relief. It will be so nice to live with confidence that if she were to have any type of accidental exposure her reaction should be mild or nothing at all. It is an amazing concept to slowly expose your body to what it would see as a danger so you can teach it to not overreact.

Allergies, especially in children, should never be taken lightly and we appreciate the team’s conservative and caring approach. What a difference a year has made in our lives with the tools, resources and support we have received.”

—San Diego Allergy Patient September, 2023

“Dr. Modena is one of a kind and the best doctor we could’ve asked for to treat our son’s food allergy. I had performed a deep dive into the world of child food allergies after finding out our son had a peanut allergy at 5 months old. We were interested in having our son undergo oral immunotherapy for his allergy because the research seems to be positive and growing for this treatment. It was difficult to find a provider that was willing, but we are so thankful we found Dr. Modena as he was extremely knowledgeable and talked with us about the treatment as an option.

One important thing to know about Dr. Modena is that he is excellent when it comes to shared decision making. When we met him, I explained how I had researched oral immunotherapy and our interest in seeking treatment for our child. He provided his own expertise and invested time and energy to further delve into the research on OIT for young children. We then consulted further and he was willing to do the treatment, laying out options, risks/benefits, and explaining what the OIT treatment would be like. It really feels like a team effort during our consults and he is very forthright with information that we need to know, explaining things thoroughly.

We were thankful that Dr. Modena was willing to work with us to provide the OIT treatment for our son. He is truly an amazing doctor that is detail-oriented, proactive, and and acts with a patient-centered focus. His staff are also kind and courteous. If you are interested in seeking oral immunotherapy treatment or similar options for yourself or your child (beyond the traditional avoidance model), then Dr. Modena and his staff will be able to help!”

—Lauren M. September, 2023

"Dr. Modena is extremely patient. I have a very complex condition that has no definitive cause. It impacts my daily life, but Dr. Modena has been wonderful about treating the symptoms. I am sure at times he is as frustrated as I am to find an answer and make it go away, but he is always patient. He said “I never give up on a patient”. It’s very comforting to know he is always working to make things better for me. His staff is always friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Modena."

—Maureen D. May, 2022

"Dr. Modena is the nicest most caring doctor I've ever met. He spends time and listens and is very competent in his field. He has been very instrumental in me getting a final diagnosis for a rare disease. I would be lost without his help and guidance during this difficult time in my life he has gone above and beyond. Highly recommended!!!!"

—Lynda B. May, 2022

"Amazing experience. never before have I worked with a doctor that was so attentive, clear and educational. Will be back for sure."

—David W. September, 2021

"Thorough and patient examination Regarding my allergy situation. Friendly and helpful staff members!"

—Gregory R. May, 2022

"Dr. Modena is one of the best doctors I have ever visited. I had a chronic allergic condition that was severely impacting my life. Dr. Modena listened closely to my extensive background, digested the information, and worked with me to craft a treatment plan that would allow us to diagnose and manage my condition. If you are looking for the best allergist in San Diego, stop, you've found him."

—Matt April, 2022

"I went to Dr. Modena after my allergist Dr. Jaffer retired and Dr. Modena took the practice over from him … He listens, does not rush patients, and called me to follow up the follow week. …I am feeling better now after the asthma flare I was having but look forward to going to him in the future if I encounter problems. Thank you, Dr. Modena!"

—Alyssa S.

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