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Food Allergy Testing & Food Immunotherapyin Torrance, CA

Be Free From The Food Fear

Combat Food Allergies With Science And Expert Knowledge

Just a single bite of food can result in a severe, life-threatening anaphylactic reaction, but food avoidance can be extremely challenging for families and the individual suffering from food allergies. Especially as children get older and gain more independence, the stress and anxiety that come with regulating food contact can be exhausting and greatly impact the quality of life. Seeking diagnosis and treatment with a qualified food allergy specialist is the best way to safely address these challenges.

Why Food Allergy Testing With Experts is Crucial

Making the puzzle of food allergies even more difficult is accurately diagnosing the issues since a positive result on an isolated skin prick or blood test may not definitively mean that an individual has an actual allergy or can have an anaphylactic reaction to that allergen. False positives are common, and with an uncertain diagnosis, it's critical to meet with a professional for Food Allergy Testing in Torrance.

The Food Desensitization Process

A Bite Is Just The Beginning

Our BiPP (Bite Protection Program) involves several steps. First is the initial consultation, assessment and testing, and comprehensive customization of the desensitization treatment plan. Then, treatment sessions begin, which typically span one to four years. Finally, reassessment ensures you or your child are confident in the results and your long-term plan moving forward.

If you or a loved one is having to deal with food allergies, schedule a consultation for our Torrance Food Allergy Testing today to learn more about our BiPP program and how it can help you or your child live a life free from food fears.

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Torrance food allergies patients holding tree nuts

Which Food Allergy Tests are available?

Get The Whole Picture

  • Food-specific immunoglobulin E (sIgE) blood testing can show IgE-mediated food allergies, which can be the cause of anaphylactic reactions. This blood test is a helpful tool for narrowing down the cause of severe reactions but may result in false positives, so it's important to use results as part of a bigger picture.
  • A skin prick test (SPT) can be performed by introducing a very small amount of allergen just below the skin's surface using a plastic lancet in order to confirm or rule out a quick reaction (can test for multiple allergens at the same time). While this test can accurately show the likelihood of having an anaphylaxis reaction to an allergen, it can also have a significant rate of false positive results.
  • An in-office open food challenge (OFC) is a controlled, safe, and carefully structured method for definitively establishing whether a child or adult is genuinely allergic to a particular food. During the test, we will gradually administer an increasing amount of specific foods in a closely monitored environment right within our office. This method of testing is widely acknowledged as the "gold standard" for Food Allergy Testing, providing absolute certainty regarding the individual's allergic status.

The Food Sensitivity Testing Process

We refrain from conducting any testing that does not genuinely inform or predict treatment outcomes and prognosis. At Modena Allergy + Asthma, our approach is marked by clear objectives and a commitment to delivering the utmost in patient care. The testing process is straightforward and is designed to be easily understandable for both you and your family, ensuring clarity and comfort throughout the treatment journey.

When is the best time to test for Food Allergies?

To consider Food Allergy Testing Torrance patients should do so after experiencing any unexplained symptoms, allergic, or severe reactions while they are eating or shortly after. Symptoms can range from skin reactions like hives and itchiness to swelling in the face, extremities, or throat to respiratory problems like difficulty breathing, coughing, or wheezing and may vary in severity. Other common food allergy symptoms include GI issues like pain, cramps, or vomiting, as well as cardiac symptoms such as fainting or racing heartbeat.

Torrance food allergies child model holding up food

Results of Food Allergy Testing

Results after Food Allergy Testing vary based on the test type. Blood test results can take several days, depending on the scope, while skin prick results are immediate. Once results are received, Dr. Modena will discuss the results and craft a customized treatment plan.

Torrance food allergies models holding fruit

Options for Food Allergy Treatment

It Starts with a Nibble

In the past, the primary approach to dealing with food allergies revolved around the strict exclusion of allergenic foods and the necessity of carrying emergency medications such as epinephrine to manage potential anaphylactic responses. However, in recent years we have seen remarkable advancements with food allergy treatments thanks to the emergence of food immunotherapy.

Food Immunotherapy (IT) is a safe and innovative approach to treating food allergies by utilizing the very allergenic food that triggers the allergic response through highly controlled techniques. For some patients, this treatment can ultimately grant them the freedom to consume the allergenic food without limitations, known as "unrestricted consumption," or at least with greatly diminished reactions, known as "persistent unresponsiveness."

What is Food Immunotherapy?

This method involves administering tiny, gradually increasing doses of the confirmed allergen, thereby desensitizing the individual to it. One method is oral immunotherapy (OIT) which involves consuming increasingly larger amounts of a specific food each day. Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is another technique where liquid food extract goes under the tongue and is held for about two minutes to build up tolerance. The gradual escalation in dosage significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of reactions that might occur due to accidental exposures.

Torrance food allergies model feeding his child food

What are the benefits of Food Desensitization?

Enhance Daily and Long-Term Quality Of Life

  • Lower stress and anxiety surrounding food allergies and the need for avoidance
  • Improve the quality of life for the entire family as daily meals become easier
  • Outings and school environments can be less restricted
  • Raise the anaphylactic threshold or "bite protection"
  • Long-term, life-threatening severe reactions are diminished

Food Desensitization Candidates

Explore Your Options

There are many factors that go into determining whether a patient is an ideal candidate for this treatment, including age, severity of anaphylaxis, and expected protocol adherence, which the team at Modena will discuss in detail. Ideal candidates for Food Allergy Testing are those who experience anaphylactic reactions to foods such as eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat.

Torrance food allergies child models holding up food

Food Desensitization Results

Lasting Peace Of Mind

For many patients, even a reduced level of reaction can greatly improve their quality of life. Through this gradual introduction of food allergens, many patients achieve this or even improve to the level of "sustained hyperresponsiveness" or prolonged tolerance of their allergen.

Why choose Modena Allergy + Asthma?

Our success record at Modena Food Allergy Center is built upon rigorously validated scientific studies. Safety is our utmost priority, and with a rate of adverse reactions under 1%, our commitment to patient support is unwavering, offering round-the-clock availability for your peace of mind. We understand the importance of affordability, extending financial assistance for eligible families, and ensuring no child is left without care.

Our core mission is centered around delivering safe, evidence-based, treatments, all rooted in meticulous scientific research. We believe in transparency, setting achievable goals, and maintaining realistic expectations throughout your treatment journey. Our commitment to evidence-based practices extends to avoiding unverified treatments that lack acceptance or substantial research in the broader allergist community. We do not administer food immunotherapy unless it is truly warranted, steering clear of unnecessary treatments based on false-positive test results. Our clinic's unwavering dedication to straightforward, proven methods consistently enhances the lives of our patients.

Schedule Your Torrance, CA, Food Allergy Testing & Food Immunotherapy Consultation With Modena Allergy + Asthma Today

At Modena Allergy + Asthma, Dr. Brian Modena extends his compassionate care to patients of all ages, offering not only cutting-edge therapies but also valuable education. Dr. Modena's personal journey was marked by severe food allergies and asthma during his childhood, and he understands the overwhelming sensation of suddenly losing control over breathing or being unable to partake in shared meals like everyone else. Driven by a deep sense of empathy, he has made it his life's mission to provide care and support to others experiencing these distressing conditions.

Dr. Modena's expertise includes food allergy desensitization and Food Allergy Testing in Torrance, and his ultimate goal is to help both patients and their families breathe a little easier, alleviating the stress associated with allergic conditions. Dr. Modena's personal experience with food allergies, eczema, severe asthma, and EoE makes him intimately familiar with allergic diseases and the challenges they pose, including the potential dangers of anaphylactic reactions.

Recognizing the need for safe, scientifically proven, and affordable treatments for patients experiencing food allergies, Dr. Modena founded the Modena Food Allergy Center and introduced the Bite Protection (BiP) Program.

Despite his extensive background in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and genomics research at renowned institutions such as The Scripps Research Institute and National Jewish Health, Dr. Modena underscores that food allergy treatments don't require complex technology – just discipline, patience, and the right approach.

To learn more about Food Allergy Testing Torrance patients should consider scheduling their consultation with Dr. Modena today by calling (858) 252-3721. Explore how his expertise can impact your life or your child's.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food Allergy Testing & Food Immunotherapy

Food Immunotherapy is becoming increasingly common as a technique for addressing food allergies as patients and practitioners recognize its high level of effectiveness.

The risk of anaphylactic reactions is possible with food immunotherapy, but it is extremely rare, and mild reactions are typically manageable at home without any emergency intervention. This treatment is considered extremely safe when performed under the supervision and guidance of a certified and qualified allergy specialist.

Some patients may eventually reach a state where they can safely enjoy allergenic foods without experiencing adverse effects, a state referred to as "sustained unresponsiveness." For other individuals, their anaphylactic reaction tolerance threshold could increase, and the severity of their reactions may decrease, effectively providing them with an enhanced level of "bite protection."

The cost of food allergy testing and food immunotherapy varies based on the specific needs of the patient, along with the type and scope of treatment needed to achieve results. At your complimentary consultation, our team will provide detailed information about costs and pricing information.

In most cases, health insurance does not cover costs for Food Allergy Testing or immunotherapy services.

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